Master Cyrus trains females/couples in all aspects of submission

Who is Master Cyrus?

Cyrus Lesser is a Dom/Daddy with more than 40 years' experience in all kinds of ways of giving pleasure plus to young ladies (or young couples) who find vanilla relationships boring. He is willing to teach newbies as well as more mature candidates as well as the young at heart, and is respectful, intelligent, humorous and generous. He has an impeccable reputation for being firm but fair. An obedient submissive enjoys his warmth and affection and is given frequent orgasms as a reward. A disobedient or dishonest submissive is spanked as necessary.

What does Master Cyrus charge?

Nothing! Believe it or not Master Cyrus believes that all humans should learn to enjoy their sexuality in all dimensions free of taboos and societal judgement. That is why Master Cyrus conducts extensive interviews as well as a detailed physical and psychological assessment before taking on new trainees. If he does not think they will obtain maximum benefit from his style of training it is best to say so at the beginning and not create false expectations.

Basic obedience training

Obedience training requires the student to learn how to obey a Master and play the role of a submissive or, in extreme cases, a slave. This can be for particular times, such as in the bedroom, or it can apply more generally to a lifestyle. At its most basic, it requires the woman to consent in advance to being controlled by a dominant male. This can be for sexual domination or it can be a broader domination including total power exchange (TPE) where the Dom/Master/Daddy takes total control of the woman's life in all its dimensions, relieving her of the burden of having to make decisions, but taking on responsibility for her welfare.

What's the difference between a slave and a submissive?

At its most basic, a slave is treated as an object or a piece of property of low to negligible value. Whilst Master Cyrus can train you as a slave, it will require extensive interviewing and psychological testing as it is very rare for a person to be suitable for such a role and it is illegal in Australia to keep a slave if that means the slave is not permitted to escape. Often young women who think they want to be a slave only mean they want to be controlled by a Master on a permanent basis. Whilst some do call that role a slave, Master Cyrus reserves that role for women who do not want or need cognitive engagement with their Master. A submissive on the other hand is treated as a person, with whom Master can converse, and who is capable of withdrawing consent and terminating the relationship at any time. Even in TPE cases, for the arrangement to be legal the woman MUST be free to withdraw consent and terminate the arrangement at any time for any reason. This should be documented and honoured by the Dom.

Submissive Training

To be accepted as a trainee Master Cyrus will conduct an interview with you in person and this may be preceded by some preliminary email exchanges. You must communicate with Master using cyruslesser at hot mail dot com.  If you aren't smart enough to decode that you aren't smart enough to be trained by Master!  If Master is satisfied with the preliminary interview you will then be subjected to an intimate physical examination. Part of being a submissive is to accept that your Master is entitled to do with your body as he wishes (within the boundaries you have agreed). Certainly you must quickly learn to be totally relaxed about Master undressing you and fondling your naked body without feeling awkward and without resisting in any way. Submission means submission - if the idea of having a man touch you all over, including penetrating all of your bodily orifices including your vagina, your anus, your mouth, and any other opening Master may find to insert something into, and fondling, stroking, caressing all parts of your body including your breasts, your ears, your buttocks, your labia, your clitoris and anywhere else your Master wishes to play, submission is not for you. All of those same parts of your body except your face may be the subject of corporal punishment if you disobey Master. Master's commands, rules and instructions must take priority - unless you comply with what you have agreed to do - SUBMIT - otherwise you are not being honest about your commitment to being a submissive. That means accepting punishment for contravening your Master's rules, for refusing to obey your Master's commands, or for generally being unco-operative or dishonest, or anything else that incurs your Master's ire. Remember that you can terminate the relationship at any time but unless and until you do so you have consented freely and voluntarily to whatever is in your agreement with your Master. A good Master will negotiate these aspects with you in advance although you can of course seek to vary them at any time.

What is involved in submitting to Master Cyrus?

Be careful what you wish for!  This is the way Master Cyrus describes himself on many BDSM sites, and is a good answer to the above question:

I am intelligent, articulate, educated, wicked, creative, experienced, warm, affectionate, confident and authoritative. Unlike most Doms, I will engage you cognitively. When you're ready, and not before you find the urge irresistible, your entire mind and body will be subjugated to my will, to do with you as I wish, entirely for my gratification. Along the way we will chat, explore, discuss, challenge. I promise to reward you with deep and satisfying orgasms, but you may only come with my permission. Any lack of self-restraint will result in a spanking, strapping or caning. If you like where we are headed there is scope for something more permanent. Apart from the need to be self-sufficient with a job and a place to live, you will be at my disposal. I will allow you a 'normal' life with a few modifications, such as needing my approval for anything you wear, and a complete prohibition on any self-erotic activity without my permission. Despite my exercise of complete control, I acknowledge that I have it only for so long as you wish me to. If my dominion over you ever ceases to be 100% consensual, I will leave you. I will put a lot of effort into getting to know you well enough to ensure that you receive what you crave at every level: mental, physical, sensual, clitoral ... If the crotch of your panties is getting moist, you had better contact me immediately as the opportunities to be trained as a Master Cyrus submissive is rare indeed.

Can you take a spanking with a vibrator running on your clit and stop yourself coming or screaming?  That is just one example of what Master Cyrus will train you to do.


Pretty much anything is negotiable in a D/s relationship - certainly as Master Cyrus operates everything must be 100% consensual. Once consent is given it can also be withdrawn at any time and for any reason. But unless and until consent is withdrawn Master expects his submissive to obey his every command and rule in priority to anything else, including her own preferences, wishes, desires. Whether or not it is embarrassing, humiliating, or breaches her privacy, dignity, or personal space. Master Cyrus will frequently ask whether his submissive wishes to continue in the role, and to test that proposition, is likely to promise a severe spanking for an affirmative answer. In that way the genuineness of the consent is tested and refreshed so that Master can be confident there is nothing illegal about what he does to or with his submissive. A safe word should be agreed as a safety mechanism but even if that is not used, most masters would not cause permanent physical injury to their submissive nor fracture bones nor create permanent scarring.

Kink training for couples/cuckolds

Master Cyrus can also help couples whose sex life has become boring.  Learn how to add kink to increase the pleasure and excitement of your relationship.  The element of surprise helps as well.  For husbands that would like to be a cuckold, Master Cyrus will humiliate and beat your wife either while you watch, or for a video session for you to watch later with her.   If you wish, you can play a submissive role in any scenario.  Master will require legally binding consents from both husband and wife for couples or cuckold activities.

Sex therapist and advisor

Master Cyrus can also help young women to realise the pleasure they can obtain from their own bodies. This can include training on how to masturbate, how to stimulate your clitoris, how to use vibrators, dildos and other toys and sex aids safely as well as how to explore violet wands, neon wands, TENS and other erotic stimulation aids.

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Cyrus Lesser

Principal Trainer and CEO BDSM/Fetish